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Apr 12, 2022
In Welcome to the Food Forum
With plenty of blogs, video material in our pockets, and social media amplifying our voices, anyone can be a content creator these days. Looking at this state, many marketers in the Whatsapp Mobile Number List B2B space scoff. "Content marketing is for consumers, not professionals. It 's for reaching teens and pushing fast food, not for selling software or an industry service, " they may say — but in 2021, that might not not be further from the truth. Free Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Inbound Marketing Strategy 2022 Whether buying for Whatsapp Mobile Number List themselves or for their business, consumers are consumers - people are people - and in 2019, 73% of B2B consumers said they read between three and seven pieces of content before speaking to a seller. In fact, just last year, 67% said they relied on content even more than in 2019 to research and inform their purchasing decisions. Related: 63 New Content Marketing Statistics to Whatsapp Mobile Number List Guide Your Strategy All modern shoppers want to be empowered . They want to be educated and informed so they can make the best buying decision for themselves, not just be mindlessly sold. The brands that help them achieve this are the ones consumers trust and want to buy.
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