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Md Siraj
Apr 09, 2022
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The super slogan is to use the least words to convey the most information, so that the other party will take some actions, so as to establish the corporate brand image and help the company to build its reputation. So how to create a super text message service slogan for brand communication? This article introduces six core evaluation criteria and four types of thinking routines to share with you! In last week's article, we mentioned that super slogans use the fewest words to convey the most information and make the other party take certain actions; slogans are strategies, commitments, and reasons for purchase. If you haven't read it yet, it is recommended to read the first one: "First Principles of Brand Naming: Auditory Communication" Today we will discuss the more practical part: how to create an excellent super slogan? 1. Six Core Evaluation Criteria First of all, we need to have the most basic ability to judge whether the super slogan is good or bad, otherwise text message service the creation will be impossible. I think there are six core evaluation criteria, namely: instant understanding, colloquialism, value, action, persistence, and brand name. These six criteria can help us output better slogan ideas, no matter when you are creating or reviewing them after you create them. Let's expand one by one: 1. Understand in seconds Your brand may only have one second to face customers at the terminal. Second understanding is the most basic quality of super slogans. For example, if you want to launch a new course when you get an app, a pop-up window will appear when the user opens the app, and it will actively recommend it to you. At the moment when the promotional poster popped up, how to write the slogan introducing this course largely determines whether he wants to place an order for this course. Just imagine that if you say a sentence, the other party doesn't know text message service what you are talking about, or you need to turn around and think about it to understand, won't it cause trouble to the other party? Sometimes we deliberately make our slogans more elegant and obscure in order to show our brand is high-end and cultured. Because it looks more imaginative, this is actually the biggest misunderstanding of the super slogan. Anything that creates a communication barrier is not worth advocating. In the last article, we mentioned that "slogan is a message", you need to spread the key brand message to your consumers without loss. If you "deliberately" set up dyslexia, the customer's understanding will be different,e controlled as little aspossible.
Md Siraj
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