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sharmin Akther
Apr 11, 2022
In Welcome to the Food Forum
SQEG.)EAT can apply to individual pages or entire sites, and the importance of EAT also depends on the type of topic. I will come back to that later. How do Google's Search Quality Rating Guidelines work? The SQEG allows Google to better understand whether the changes it makes to its search algorithms are producing quality results. Human reviewers (thousands of them) use the guide as a way to rate search results for certain queries and then report what they find. This can serve as a feedback loop for Google engineers to make further changes to the algorithm. Here are some excerpts from Google explaining how search quality raters work…In a help file here, Google explains how raters work: We are constantly company employee list experimenting with ideas to improve the results you see. One of the ways we evaluate these experiences is to get feedback from third-party search quality reviewers. Quality assessors are located around the world and are highly qualified using our detailed guidelines. Their feedback helps us understand what changes make research more useful. Assessors also help us categorize information to improve our systems. For example, we might ask what language a page is written in or what is important on a page. We use reviewer responses to assess changes, but they don't directly impact how our search results are ranked. Another explanation from Google here on its “How Search Works” page: We work with external search quality

sharmin Akther

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