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Apr 10, 2022
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They Ask, You Answer The Basics of Marcus Sheridan They ask, you answer 8 steps to success The following eight steps are what you need to do in your first six months to set the stage for future success and business transformation through "they ask, you answer." 1. Give everyone this book (and make sure they read it) I love that the CEO and VP of Marketing tell me they provide everyone on the team with " they ask, you answer " to read; that's a real positive step - but there's still a lot of work to do. I'm guessing if you're reading this, you're the kind of person who reads and learns fast. You underline paragraphs in the book and take notes to capture your thoughts. Can you rely on your team to do the same? Are they as motivated as you are? In my experience, if we want the entire team to not only read the book, but to truly understand how it affects industry mailing list personally and the company as a whole, we have to go further. Think about how much information you keep while reading a book. I'm a diligent reader, but I'll probably keep at most 40-50% of the information in a book. The most influential books of my life are always easily accessible because I want to refer to them constantly, but not every word. How much information do you keep for books and seminars? How much do you think your team will keep? you got the picture. Give everyone this book, but also hold them accountable. Start a "book club" with your team. Let them talk about what they learned in the team meeting. Schedule a brainstorming session with them.
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