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Apr 12, 2022
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In business, there needs to be a systematic way to grow Email Database your income and your money mountain. It is easy to "chase the paper" in the words of Jay-Z, but it can be exhausting. There are so many things being thrown at us today as money-makers, such Email Database as audio, video, tele classes, podcasting, social media--I could go on and on. We become excited and obsessed with the latest "gadget" to market and we lose site of our own mission to the latest marketing trick. Money and clients are ready, willing and waiting for you Email Database now. You don't need to put on fancy bells or ad whistles to make more money. You Email Database actually need to go back to the basics. Go back to what inspired you to start your business and share your gift. Go back to what you already know, have and are. Put YOU back in the process. Clients call me Email Database wanting to coach and they are ready to focus on tactics to get clients or dig into creating another product. Before you start creating, developing, and running the Email Database marketing rat race, slow down and start here: Active before Passive - Get active income going in your business ASAP. Active is where you are "doing" the work. Coaching a client, having a session, leading a group, etc. Then you can move into passive income. Passive income is where you might sell a book, Email Database product, or program that does not involve your time. Passive income typically requires a larger list and a deeper reach.
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