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Apr 20, 2022
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However, the creation of Sputnik V makes India Phone Number List it clear that in less than twelve months we can already have a vaccine, which was developed by an institution with more than a hundred years of experience in the field and India Phone Number List which was approved in Argentina by another institution – the ANMAT– which is among the most prestigious in Latin America. In the midst of an unprecedented pandemic that paralyzed the world, mistrust and rejection of a vaccine based solely on its place of origin is not only India Phone Number List prejudiced and essentialist, but even seems dangerous and inappropriate. The German Social Democratic Party (SPD) has formed a government with the. Greens and Liberals after years India Phone Number List of participating in a Grand Coalition with the Conservatives. What are the main challenges of this new coalition government? What progressive imprint can the current chancellor India Phone Number List Olaf Scholz give to the government? The coalition agreement has three main challenges. The first is the fight against climate change. The second is to deepen the integration of the European Union and the cooperation of the Member States of that institution. At the same time, it is India Phone Number List imperative to strengthen other multilateral institutions, especially the United Nations. The third objective is to balance India Phone Number List the social situation. Even in a rich country like Germany, there is a social disparity, and the priority of a progressive government must be to reduce that gap. Chancellor Olaf Scholz therefore has great challenges ahead of him. The coalition government has objectives to meet and I am India Phone Number List convinced that it will be able to bring them to fruition. Social democratic parties have regained power in some European countries, managing to govern in broad coalitions with Greens and India Phone Number List Liberals as in the German case, in coalitions with forces of the «new left» as in Spain, and even governing alone as in Portugal. In other countries, like France, the.
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