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Apr 09, 2022
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The social "demand" for a party mobile phone number list of these characteristics has been growing in Portugal for some time. Surveys that capture “ populist attitudes ” – the conviction that there is a deep divide between “elites” and “the people”, conceived as homogeneous entities, and the perception that the former are essentially corrupt – have found such attitudes to be quite prevalent. in Portugal, even when compared to countries mobile phone number list where parties that satisfy this demand have been established for some time . On the other hand, Chega! it managed to mobile phone number list attract those voters while to some extent avoiding evading the stigma associated with the "old" far-right parties, perhaps because it emerged as a spin-off from the PSD rather than a direct offshoot of extremist organizations. On the contrary, the same Chega! and its leader benefited from the stigma associated not only with the political class but also with the Roma population, mobile phone number list against whom widespread prejudice exists in Portugal. Ventura obtained exceptionally good results in 2021 in mobile phone number list those municipalities where Roma minorities are more numerous, as well as in contexts where the proportion of social assistance recipients – linked to the size of the Roma population – is higher, which suggests that the party's message mobile phone number list about a "dependence welfare” had at least one target that its voters identified.
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